Congratulations on a Job Not Well Done

Congratulations on a job not well done.

There is ample blame to go around concerning the demise of the regional public transportation option. The city can blame the company for poor management practices. The management can blame the Federal Government for shutting down and depriving it of needed funding. The managing board can blame the City of Idaho Falls and other municipalities for lack of support. The irony here is that while we have plenty of shared blame, those responsible feel no pain. That is reserved for TRPTA’s employees and riders. The decision-makers leave meetings in their own cars and continue to work at their jobs. Actions taken have no immediate impact on their lives.

Today, I use TRPTA to get to work. Tomorrow, my options diminish. I can walk the 2.5 miles to the office, or pay $12 for a ride hailing service like Uber or Lyft. I am blind and do not have the option of driving a car on publicly funded roads.

I am fortunate to have working legs and money in the bank to cover these options. Many of TRPTA’s former riders do not. We have one day to make tough decisions about how to reorganize our lives. A single day’s notice. That’s breath-taking in its irresponsibility! How might things have been different if the board needed the service to navigate our community? My guess is that an alternative to just shutting things down might have been discovered.