A voter supported solution for health care in our state

A recent column in the Post Register eloquently described the need to bring expanded Medicaid coverage to Idaho’s citizens. What it did not mention is that thriving groups exist in Eastern Idaho bringing this initiative to area voters. We have community organizations in Idaho Falls, Driggs, St. Anthony, and in Bingham County who need your support to gather the signatures of your neighbors.

The Idaho Legislature failed, for the 6th year in a row, to pass a proposal to cover Idaho’s residents with incomes too low to qualify for a subsidy under the Idaho Exchange. This failure to act defies belief.

It is time that the people of Idaho have their voices heard. A citizen’s initiative is the vehicle that allows individuals to speak directly to issues the legislature ignores. The process is made difficult to insure broad state-wide support. That is why we need your involvement. Reaching out to the people around you is how an initiative spreads through a community.

If you are concerned about closing Idaho’s insurance coverage gap, or just believe it is time that politicians listen to the concerns of the electorate, Join the movement! E-mail to learn how to connect with your local network of volunteers.