Tactile Book about the Eclipse

The Museum of Idaho offers a touring exhibit on space exploration, To celebrate the up-coming eclipse on Aug 21. I have not been to the display yet, thinking that it will be very visual with little to explore by touch. But I recently learned that the museum received a combination braille and tactile booklet from NASA. It describes how the eclipse passes across the united states and how the sun’s rays get blocked by the moon.

Reaching for Old Wisdom

In this age of 24-hour-news and social media, it is far too easy to be blown off course by the latest “revelation.” Corporations sell us pills for every occasion on the evening news. Gurus write books describing “relationship cures,” “steps to happiness,” and shortcuts to success. Despite these efforts, it appears that we are no more successful, happy, or fulfilled than previous generations. My studies this past year around theories of counselling and mental wellbeing introduced me to entirely new ways of thinking about how to live a more fulfilled life.

Inspired by Life's Music

Pianist is one of the most successful performers of our time. He wrote a brief reflection describing how, at the beginning of his career, he was pressed between needing to learn much new music and the cost of this endeavor on his physical and emotional life. He states that “I would only really find joy in my music if I was not expecting the music itself to provide me with joy.

Run in the Spirit

Attended the katie Tucker Run in the Spirit this morning in Freeman Park. Good to see so many people out and about. Walked the 5 k with friends Jenn, Kathryn, Wesley and gavin. It was a beautiful day for a great cause.