About Todd DeVries

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Todd found his way into the field of social work after 25 years of working with people who have disabilities. All of us are just “one misstep away from joining the largest minority population in the world.” Fortunately, living with a disability need not be disabling! Resilience, creativity, new ways of thinking, and problem solving open doors to life’s possibilities.

Todd is a licensed MSW and graduated as the oldest member of his class in 2017. He believes self-redefinition is not only possible, but essential in our fast-changing world! Areas of interest are in solution-focused therapy, community development and people experiencing life transitions. Todd has presented on disability and technology issues at local, state and national venues.


Todd works as a therapist with Willow Sage Services and as a program developer for the Idaho Falls Food Basket. He volunteers as a board member for the Development Workshop and the Idaho Falls Community Outreach Center.


Todd spends free time kayaking, cross country skiing, experimenting with computers and how they change lives, reading books, listening to classical music, and interacting in meaningful ways with friends and neighbors.


Making a good cup of morning coffee, Rubin sandwiches, baseball games, dinner out with friends, spending time at or on the ocean, and sleeping in a tent.


Tomatoes, peanut butter, most commercial television, motorized off-road vehicles, people with unquestioned opinions, the NFL, NASCAR, and anything to do with carpentry.

Oh yes. Todd is blind. He uses a white cane, reads braille, owns lots of devices which talk, and plans to be the first person in Idaho to own a self-driving car.

Areas of focus:

  • What makes people resilient in the face of trauma and adversity?
  • What tools are most helpful in achieving success?
  • How to include disability in discussions of diversity and difference?

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 440 Highland DR
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Phone: (208) 847-5996
E-mail: todd@equaltext.com

You can also reach me via Twitterand on Signal messenger using a phone or desktop client. Email me securely via keybase at tdevries.