Professional Statement

PROFESSIONAL DISCLOSURE STATEMENT Todd DeVries, LMSW Service Address: 211 S. Woodruff Suite 3A, Idaho Falls, ID 83401 Voice: (208) 524-4048 Fax: 233-0835 Philosophy and Approach: I became a social worker in 2018, licensed by the state of Idaho to provide therapies which promote change and foster community integration. I have over 25 years of experience working with people who have disabilities to achieve their goals through independent living, assistive technology, education, and access to community resources.

Congratulations on a Job Not Well Done

Congratulations on a job not well done. There is ample blame to go around concerning the demise of the regional public transportation option. The city can blame the company for poor management practices. The management can blame the Federal Government for shutting down and depriving it of needed funding. The managing board can blame the City of Idaho Falls and other municipalities for lack of support. The irony here is that while we have plenty of shared blame, those responsible feel no pain.

The Power of choice

Written Testimony to Health and Welfare Committee

The following is my written testimony to Idaho’s Joint Legislative Health and Welfare committee for a hearing scheduled for February 8th, 2019. Good morning, My name is Todd DeVries, a resident of Idaho Falls. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with this joint committee and wish to add my voice to those supporting a clean implementation and full funding of Medicaid Expansion which was overwhelmingly passed by the voters last November 6.

Switching Hosts to Netlify

I am moving my web site from Fastmail’s file storage to Netlify’s hosting service. Fastmail is a great email provider, but access to their files through Webdav was painfully slow. Netlify looks to be much faster and feature rich. No changes expected in the short term, but will explore what this new hosting provider has to offer.