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Switching Hosts to Netlify

2019-01-03 1 min read tech Todd DeVries
I am moving my web site from Fastmail’s file storage to Netlify’s hosting service. Fastmail is a great email provider, but access to their files through Webdav was painfully slow. Netlify looks to be much faster and feature rich. No changes expected in the short term, but will explore what this new hosting provider has to offer.

Tim and Theo in SLC

2018-12-27 1 min read Reflection
Visiting my brother in Salt Lake City Visiting Tim and Theo in Salt Lake City was a treat. Kathryn and I drove to Salt Lake City the day after Christmas and met them at a local Thai restaurant near Trolley Square. Dinner was unexceptional. We debouched from the restaurant for wine and cookies at our hotel. It was good seeing Tim and catching up on my brother’s and his son Theo’s activities. Continue reading

Disappointment River: Brief Review

2018-07-08 2 min read
Disappointment River by Brian Castner leads the reader on a historical investigation and an epic canoe adventure. Following someone on a journey through the power of their words goes part way towards making the trip oneself; with the added benefit of no bugs or wet clothes at the end of the day. What makes the narrative compelling is the way Mr. Castner switches from historical investigation to personal experience. Most minimally educated Americans grow up hearing about the exploits of Lewis and Clark, but never hear about the other journeys of exploration which mapped this contenent. Continue reading


2018-03-30 1 min read advocacy
A recent column in the Post Register eloquently described the need to bring expanded Medicaid coverage to Idaho’s citizens. What it did not mention is that thriving groups exist in Eastern Idaho bringing this initiative to area voters. We have community organizations in Idaho Falls, Driggs, St. Anthony, and in Bingham County who need your support to gather the signatures of your neighbors. The Idaho Legislature failed, for the 6th year in a row, to pass a proposal to cover Idaho’s residents with incomes too low to qualify for a subsidy under the Idaho Exchange. Continue reading
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